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Cloud Servers - Scaled for Performance


From only $50/mo.

Included:   FREE BANDWIDTH!    1 CPU    1GB RAM   
20GB SSD Storage   1 IP Address   
cPanel   Managed Support

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Configurable Resources

CPUs - $6/mo.
RAM - $13/mo. per GB
SSD Storage - $0.15/mo. per GB
Snapshot Storage - $0.10/mo. per GB
Dedicated IPs - $2/mo. per IP

Enterprise Grade, Flexible, Affordable with Features You’ll Love

With virtually limitless resources ready to scale to meet your site demands, our cloud platform is the perfect home for your next project.


[jvservices type="feature" title="SSD-Based Cloud" color="body" size="fa-5x" icon="fa fa-hdd-o"]Combining the reliability of SSDs with our cloud hypervisors mean that there is no single point of hardware failure. No spinning disks means no downtime to swap out a drive–hypervisors auto failover to another hypervisor in the event of a failure. SSDs are by nature much faster–so you can expect your website content delivered at full-throttle.[/jvservices]


[jvservices type="feature" title="Top-Notch Hardware" color="body" size="fa-5x" icon="fa fa-server"]When it comes to hardware we are always pushing the envelope in terms of performance and stability. Each core of our SSD-based cloud is powered by Only the latest hardware. HP BL460 Blade servers with server grade Intel Xeon E5 v2 Processors and multiple 10Gbps networks offer true speed and reliability. You can always count on the best when hosting with us.[/jvservices]


[jvservices type="feature" title="Firewall" color="body" size="fa-5x" icon="fa fa-shield"]Has your website been hacked…yet? Regular old web hosting means it's just a matter of time before your site gets hacked. Our firewall blocks thousands of attacks everyday and we keep it up-to-date to keep your site safe from the newest attacks.[/jvservices]


[jvservices type="feature" title="Two-Factor Authentication" color="body" size="fa-5x" icon="fa fa-key"]Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security by adding a second step to logging into your client area at getsimple.net–helping prevent, among other things, common social engineering hacks. [/jvservices]



[jvservices title="Free Bandwidth" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-exchange"]Each gigabyte of RAM comes bundled with 1 terabyte of outgoing bandwidth transfer per month Incoming bandwidth is free. This makes for a scenario where you'll never pay for bandwidth usage again.[/jvservices]


[jvservices title="Affordable" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-dollar"]You're bound to crack a smile when you Get Simple with resource pricing that is approachable and makes sense. Gone are the days of silly tiered resource packages, unwelcomed suprises, and upsetting invoices.[/jvservices]


[jvservices title="Total Control" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-cogs"]When it comes to interacting with your cloud server, you're in the driver's seat. Stop, start, reboot, rebuild and backup your entire cloud server with just a click–all available in your account at getsimple.net.[/jvservices]


[jvservices title="Client Area" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-user"]Our client area presents you with your hosting, domain, billing, support, cPanel/WHM–all tightly integrated and available at your fingertips in our responsive site design from all of your devices. Login to your hosting services right from your account, so more need to keep track of multiple logins.[/jvservices]
[jvservices title="cPanel/WHM" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-power-off"]Every cloud server comes standard with cPanel Webhosting Manager to ease management of your new server.[/jvservices]


[jvservices title="Sub-Accounts" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-user-plus"]Create sub-users with different permissions to access only the services (billing, support, hosting services, etc.) you grant them.[/jvservices]



[jvservices title="Worldwide Network" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-map-marker"]Take advantage of our worldwide network and grab a cloud server near you. With presence in data centers all around the world including: NYC, LA, Dallas, Chicago, London, Singapore, and Sydney–we have a location close to you for low-latency delivery of your content.[/jvservices]


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[jvservices title="99.9% Uptime Guarantee" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-arrow-up"]Your site is important to you. That's why we guarantee that our entire infrastructure: our network, our cloud hardware, and the underlying virtualization platform is available to host your site 100% of the time. Furthermore, we guarantee an uptime of 99.9% on your cloud server. Experience anything else and we'll credit your account for the difference.[/jvservices]



[jvservices title="24/7/365 Support" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-comments"]Included, we will manage your cloud server's service software for you, keeping your server up-to-date. If you need us to assist with anything else, you can expect best in class support. Get expert assistance and support from one of our professionals within just a few minutes, 15 minutes guaranteed, from our helpdesk support system–any time, any day of the year and livechat support during normal business hours.[/jvservices]


Get simple and configure your cloud server today.


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