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The Silver Bullet in Hosting

25 September 2015 News 0 2676

There was a day long ago when building a website hosting business was easy–well at least easier. Someone could get a server or two at The Planet, or some other server lease provider, setup standard bronze, silver, and gold plans, a reseller plan, and be well on the way to middle-man hoster bliss.

One could find a niche, like “WordPress Hosting” or “Joomla Hosting” and effectively market themselves as a “Professional” fill-in-the-blank provider of fill-in-the-blank hosting and do so legitimately by offering a hosting platform setup specifically for that niche because there were distinguishing markers for your niche. Offering suPHP to help ensure file permission security, or eaccelator for speed, or more recently web server variants like litespeed or nginx, or varnish cache–all for promised speed improvements that delivered. Anything you could do to distinguish yourself from the zombie megahosts that offered no such enhancements (only race-to-the-bottom pricing) would certainly help you stand out.

Next came the advent of “the cloud”, which no one knew exactly what it was, but everyone had to have it. There was a rush to hop onto public clouds, create private clouds, claim the qualities of their offerings (elastic, self-healing, auto-failover, auto-scaling, etc. etc) as legitimate–only so they could dismiss the offerings of others. No doubt, there are benefits to each feature, but while waiting for the dust to settle from that debate, in came SSDs in mass offering performance boots like never before seen.

All of these things, either by themselves, or in concert, worked together to provide a silver bullet sort of offering to help one succeed as a provider. They were distinctives that helped one shine and could be marketed effectively to an audience even in the overly saturated hosting market. But certainly, this is no longer the case.

There’s no silver bullet in the hosting industry. There’s no set of features, platforms or niche-focused attributes that can help one get ahead, let alone get started as a hoster in today’s market. Almost anyone with a little technical know how, and a small network of relationships to sell to, can now go out and set up hosting for potential clients on any number of environments (aws, softlayer, stormondemand, rackspace, singlehop, leaseweb, cloud.net). It’s fairly easy to install a billing solution like hostbill or whmcs, and pay to get a nifty hosting theme customized on one's WordPress installation to deliver a diverse, world-wide network that scales with a budget as a descent start on a new hosting business. But, in a massive sea of over-saturation, there’s no combination of features that matters against the backdrop of noise out there–at least not one that will be heard.

Service still matters. In fact, standing out, if a host like us ever hopes to do so, will only happen through, not good, but great service delivered to a growing client base of avid clients who love our service enough to tell others about their experience. SEO helps–good content and a social media marketing all certainly can work together to help tell our story to potentially new customers. But, if as a new customer, you arrive at our service only to find that your measure of us doesn’t meet all the hype, you’re not going to stick around and you’re likely to tell others not to come our way.

Service is a two-way street: drive away potential clientele through poorly executed attempts at service or bring in new customers by providing great services worth talking about to others. We’ve always aimed for the latter.

As our fully satisfied customer, you’ve always been our silver bullet. We’ll continue to excel by offering great services that you can trust so you can get back to doing what makes your business great.

Thank you for your business. We’re more than grateful for you and hope to continue to grow in our gratitude as you help tell our story to others.



Our New Client Area - UX/UI Improvements

24 September 2015 News 0 4284

A little while back we announced our new website and are continuing to delve through all of the new plans and features. Last time, we took a look at the brand-new Simple Starter Plan. So, over the next few weeks we’re going to look at all of the new plans and new features made available in the updated client area to make managing your hosting services even easier. Today, we’re focusing on UX improvements.

With the new site we really wanted to improve the way you interact with the client area to make more tools easily accessible to you and make your experience more intuitive.

Client Area Menu

It may not seem like much, but quick, easy access to most all of your client area features from one menu really helps cut down on the amount of clicks you need to make to get to access what you need to access. To limit the need to scroll, the menu will follow along with you no matter where you are on the page. This saves you valuable time.

client area sticky menu

Fully Responsive Design

The new site and client area is fully responsive–meaning the site will scale to the size of most any device you’re using for a better viewing experience. This makes for convenient access to your account services whether you’re at your desktop or on the go from your mobile device.

hosting account mobile view

Orders Made Easy

Placing new orders is now easier than every and more intuitive. The order form is fully responsive, so, even if you need to order new hosting services for a client while on the go, it’s now easier than ever.

website hosting account orders

Today we’ve looked at UX/UI improvements to the client area. Next time we will be delving into how we made managing your hosting service even easier. Thanks for tuning in!




New Site, New Features and New Plans

05 August 2015 News 0 3789

Today we launched a new site design at getsimple.net aimed at providing a better overall user experience. The new site features a modern, responsive design in both the main area of the site and the client area. The new client area boasts several new features that make managing your hosting service even easier.

We added new hosting plans including a starter web hosting plan and a new segment of plans we’re calling “Hosting Complete” directed at Joomla, WordPress, and other App hosters that are looking for a true end-to-end hosting experience to service their website.

We’ll be featuring the new plans, site, and features in more depth in coming days, but for now, take a look around and enjoy the new site and services!

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