How to Upload/Publish Your Apple iWeb Site Using a Local Folder

Publishing the website you created in iWeb to one of our hosting is accounts is easy.  Begin by opening the site you want to publish in iWeb and follow the following steps:

  1. Click on your "site" in the left column. This will open your "Site Publishing Settings".

  2. Under "Publishing", next to "Publish to:" Select "Local Folder" from the drop-down.
  3. Enter in the name you would like to call your website (i.e. "My Blog", "My Photo Album", "", etc.) in the "Site Name:" field
  4. Enter your "Contact Email:" address.
  5. Click on "Choose" under "Folder Location".
  6. Navigate to your Mac's desktop Folder and click "Choose" to select it as your local folder where you will publish your website.

  7. Enter in your "Website URL" next to "URL:"  (i.e.  ).
  8. Once the above steps are done you can go to "File > Publish Entire Site".  This will publish your site to your desktop.

  9. Double-click on the folder just created on your desktop.  The folder will be named the same thing your website is named.
  10. Select all of the files/folders contained within this folder. Then ctrl + click on the selected files/folders and click "Compress x Items" (x being the number of files/folders selected).  This will create a file named "" in the folder. 

  11. Now you're ready to upload your website to your hosting account at  To upload files I would recommend using cpanel's "file manager". It's built into your cpanel account. 
    • Login to your account at
    • Go to Services > My Services
    • Click on the "View Details" button next to the hosting service you want to manage
    • On the next page, scroll down and click on the "Login to cPanel" button. This will open a new window, logging you into your cPanel account for that hosting service.  
    • Once in cPanel, scroll down. Look under "Files" and click on the icon that says "File Manager"
    • You'll see a pop-up that says "File Directory Management Selection". Select the radio button next the the area to you want to navigate to. If you're not sure select "Web Root". 
    • Then the file management window will open up where you can manage and upload your files.
    • On the "Directory Selection" pop-up, select the radio button next to "Web Root (public_html/www)".  A new window will open showing the contents of your /home/user/public_html/ directory.
    • Click on the "Upload" icon.
    • In the new window click on "Choose File" and navigate to your Mac's desktop and into the folder you published earlier.  Click on the "" file you created earlier and click "Choose".  Your zip file will be uploaded to your hosting account.
    • After your zip file has finished uploading, click on "Back to /home/user/public_html" and you'll be back at the File Manager window.
    • Locate and select the "" file you just created.
    • Click on the "Extract" icon. Your "" file will now be decompressed on your hosting account.
Your Apple iWeb created website is now published on your hosting account.  You can remove your "" folder by selecting and clicking "Delete".
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