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Wordpress Hosting Complete


A More Complete Hosting Experience

[jvlist type="check"]End-to-end Service|Superior Speed and Performance|Enhanced Security|Auto Backup and Proactive Updates[/jvlist]
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Why Wordpress Hosting Complete?

Wordpress Hosting Like No Other

Built-in auto install and plugin updates, support, backups and maintenance offer you the only complete solution for hosting your Wordpress site.

Built for Speed

We've built a custom cloud platform specifically crafted to speed Wordpress site content to your visitors. It's not only fast, but also reliable.

Experience Worth Trusting

We know Wordpress. We use it everyday and will treat your Wordpress site as if it were our own.

Security Defenses

Protecting your site is important. Our platform has baked-in security measures to help keep your site safe from a variety of threats.

Service and Features for Wordpress Like No Other



[jvservices type="feature" title="Auto Updates" color="body" size="fa-4x" icon="fa fa-spinner"]Keeping your Wordpress installation up-to-date with the latest version is essential to security. The same day security updates are released we auto backup and update to your Wordpress installation. We also understand mission critical and can easily accomodate scheduled updates if the word "auto" sounds too scary.[/jvservices]


[jvservices type="feature" title="Auto Plugin Updates" color="body" size="fa-4x" icon="fa fa-upload"]We monitor site for vulnerable 3rd party Wordpress extensions. Script kiddies hoping to zombify your site for spam or phishing use will take advantage of abandoned sites. We will auto update them for you to help keep your site safe.[/jvservices]
[jvservices type="feature" title="Hacking Recovery Assistance" color="body" size="fa-4x" icon="fa fa-bug"]We know how violating it feels like when your site is hacked and that's why we're offering Wordpress Hosting Complete. We believe so much in our services that, in the event of your site being hacked, we'll do everything within our power to make you and your site whole again.[/jvservices]


[jvservices type="feature" title="Website Maintenance" color="body" size="fa-4x" icon="fa fa-wrench"]We include maintenance time in our plans for your use every month to post changes to your Wordpress site content. Take advantage of our expert help and get back to making your business great![/jvservices]


[jvservices type="feature" title="SSD-Based Cloud" color="body" size="fa-5x" icon="fa fa-hdd-o"]Our enterprise flash cached SSD Arrays are blazing fast and reliable. Combining the reliability of SSDs with our cloud hypervisors mean that there is no single point of hardware failure. Hypervisors auto failover to another hypervisor in the event of a failure.[/jvservices]


[jvservices type="feature" title="Only the Best Hardware" color="body" size="fa-5x" icon="fa fa-server"]When it comes to hardware we are always pushing the envelope in terms of performance and stability. Each core of our SSD-based cloud is powered by Only the latest hardware. HP BL460 Blade servers with server grade Intel Xeon E5 v2 Processors and multiple 10Gbps networks offer true speed and reliability.[/jvservices]


[jvservices type="feature" title="NGINX" color="body" size="fa-5x" icon="fa fa-rocket"]Trusted by Facebook, Wordpress.com, Groupon, Instagram and more, NGINX was built to scale websites to millions of visitors. NGINX will only pass through true http requests which can help protect against attacks like DDOS and makes for a much more overall stable hosting environment.[/jvservices]


[jvservices type="feature" title="PHP-FPM" color="body" size="fa-5x" icon="fa fa-tachometer"]Storing your site data in virtual memory speeds up delivery of your dynamic site content up to 1000 times faster over standard hosting. Bloated and buggy caching plugins are a thing of the past.[/jvservices]



[jvservices type="feature" title="Firewall" color="body" size="fa-4x" icon="fa fa-shield"]Has your Wordpress website been hacked…yet? Regular old web hosting means it's just a matter of time before your Wordpress site gets hacked. Our firewall blocks thousands of attacks everyday and we keep it up-to-date to keep your site safe from the newest attacks.[/jvservices]


[jvservices type="feature" title="Malware Detection" color="body" size="fa-4x" icon="fa fa-bug"]Our malware detection system actively scans uploaded and modified files for malicious contents regardless of how they were uploaded to your site–allowing us to safely move them to a quarantine area before becoming active. Daily fingerprint updates ensure your site is protected from all the latest exploits.[/jvservices]


[jvservices type="feature" title="Two-Factor Authentication" color="body" size="fa-4x" icon="fa fa-key"]Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security by adding a second step to logging into your client area at getsimple.net–helping prevent, among other things, common social engineering hacks. [/jvservices]


[jvservices type="feature" title="SSL Encryption" color="body" size="fa-4x" icon="fa fa-lock"]By default a signed SSL certificate is provided with every shared host we offer for your own use. Additionally, you can install your own certificate to use to encrypt not only your site data, but now also your communications via email, FTP, and more.[/jvservices]



[jvservices title="Worldwide Network" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-map-marker"]With presence in data centers all around the world including: NYC, LA, Dallas, Chicago, London, Singapore, and Sydney–we have a location close to you for low-latency delivery of your content.[/jvservices]


[jvservices title="Cloudflare Ready" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-cloud"]Cloudflare has become increasingly popular as a next generation content delivery network (CDN). Every Wordpress Hosting Complete plan comes ready to roll your site with Cloudflare. [/jvservices]
network map


[jvservices title="Wordpress Auto-Installer" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-spinner"]Simply choose Wordpress when signing up or have us install it for you at your convenience. Either way it can be installed and ready for you when you login.[/jvservices]
[jvservices title="cPanel Account" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-power-off"]Every hosting plan comes standard with cPanel.[/jvservices]


[jvservices title="Sub-Accounts" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-user-plus"]Create sub-users with different permissions to access only the services (billing, support, hosting services, etc.) you grant them.[/jvservices]


[jvservices title="Client Area" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-user"]When you login at getsimple.net, you're presented your hosting, domain, billing, support, hosting account features–all tightly integrated and available at your fingertips in our responsive site design from all of your devices.[/jvservices]


[jvservices title="Client Area Hosting Features" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-check-square-o"]Wordpress installs and respective backups, FTP accounts, email accounts, email forwarders, MySQL databases, cron jobs, and more are all available to manage directly within your getsimple.net client area.[/jvservices]
[jvservices title="1-Click Logins" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-group"]Unlike other hosts, there's no need for keeping multiple logins for different services. Enjoy 1-click access to cPanel, file manager, and more.[/jvservices]


[jvservices title="24/7/365 Support" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-comments"]Expect best in class support. Get expert assistance and support from one of our Wordpress professionals within just a few minutes, 15 minutes guaranteed, from our helpdesk support system–any time, any day of the year and livechat support during normal business hours.[/jvservices]


[jvservices title="99.9% Uptime Guarantee" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-arrow-up"]Your site is important to you. That's why we guarantee that our entire infrastructure: our network, our cloud hardware, and the underlying virtualization platform is available to host your site on our cloud servers 100% of the time. Furthermore, we guarantee an uptime of 99.9% on the shared cloud servers that host your sites. Experience anything else and we'll credit your account for the difference.[/jvservices]



[jvservices title="Spam Assassin" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-envelope"]We prevent spam before it ever hits your inbox by providing MagicSpam service on our servers.[/jvservices]
[jvservices title="MailChannels" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-reply"]In the event of a compromised account, outgoing mail is filtered to prevent issues with IP blocks by ISPs.[/jvservices]
[jvservices title="1-click Installer" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-hand-o-up"]Easily create new Wordpress installs at your leisure with just a click.[/jvservices]


[jvservices title="1-click Wordpress Backups" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-cloud-download"]Backup your Apps with just a click.[/jvservices]


[jvservices title="Calendar" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-calendar"]Serve up your own CalDav calendaring service for just you or for your organization.[/jvservices]


[jvservices title="Contacts" color="body" size="fa-2x" icon="fa fa-group"]Host your own address book contents–integrated with your hosting service.[/jvservices]


Plans and Pricing


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1 install
~30k visits*
20GB SSD storage
off server backups
300GB transfer
10 email accounts
1/2 hour maintenance
FREE domain/IP



5 installs
~100k visits*
40GB SSD storage
off server backups
500GB transfer
50 email accounts
1 hour maintenance
FREE domain/IP


cloud server

5-10 installs
~400k visits*
80GB SSD storage
160GB snapshots
2TB Transfer
unlimited email accts.
1 hour maintenance
FREE domain/IP


cloud server

10-25 installs
~800k visits*
2 CPUs
160GB SSD storage
320GB snaptshots
4TB transfer
unlimited email accts.
1 hour maintenance
FREE domain/IP


cloud server

25-50+ installs
~1.6m visits*
4 CPUs
320GB SSD storage
640GB snapshots
8TB transfer
unlimited email accts.
1 hour maintenance
FREE domain/IP


*Approximate visits per plan is an estimate based on an average of 500kb page size and 10 pages per visit.

Complete Your Wordpress Hosting Experience

You need more than just regular old hosting. You need someone to treat your Wordpress site as if it were their own.
That's exactly what we do with Wordpress Hosting Complete.


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