Simple Source Solutions provides innovative hosting and service offerings scaled to meet any need or budget. We provide many options ranging from the freedom of “set it and forget it” completely managed hosting/maintenance solutions to the flexibility of a self-managed solution on our platform. We’re also nice to work with–separating us from the all too often cold and unconcerned mega-hosts of our day. This is why our customers love to Get Simple and have been doing so since 2008.


Simple Source Solutions exists to help you make the most of your online presence by offering flexible and affordable services that allow you to get back to doing what makes their business great. We are your behind the scenes friend that delivers, hosts, and maintains your website with prompt and friendly service. We are your problem solvers when you need expert solutions. We are here to provide services that truly make your interactions with the web easier than expected and fewer than needed. We are here to make your online experience as simple as possible.

Specializing in Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Joomla, we have been helping customers get simple since 2007. Simple Source Solutions was established to fill the void created by providers that cost too much and deliver too little–leaving you with few choices to match your bottom line.

Building on experience gained while hosting creations for design customers, we started offering hosting services to the general public in 2009 here at getsimple.net and have since become the go-to specialized hosting service provider for Joomla, WordPress, and more. We are based in Metro Atlanta with presence in data centers across the globe––ready to host and service your website. We would be honored to put our experience to work for you.