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When you Get Simple you get LiteSpeed hosting, which is great, but what does that mean? LiteSpeed (LS) is a set of tools that work seamlessly together to deliver your site content to visitors as quickly as possible. To put it in Simple Source terminology: with our help, LS makes your site load really really fast. If that’s mostly what you care about, read no further.

No, really. What is LiteSpeed Hosting?

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is a drop-in replacement for Apache, the sort of generic web server on most LAMP stack servers (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). LSCache optimizes site styles and scripts, intelligently generates static files from your dynamic content, provides a set features which provide precise control over your content optimization, and then works with LSWS to store all this as cache and allow you to manage this cache on the fly. Through, LS delivers additional features such as imagine optimization and CDN to further speed along your site.

Many hosting providers who offer LiteSpeed seem to use the resultant reduced server load impacts as a means to load even more clients on a shared server–which we believe isn’t the best experience for our customers. We choose to allow the increased performance enhancements offered by LiteSpeed stand on their own instead of packing more sites on to a shared environment and believe you’ll notice the difference.

Cutting-edge features make LiteSpeed-powered sites significantly faster than competitors. Traffic spikes are handled with minimal impact on performance.

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LiteSpeed offers reduced load on servers, which translates into improved performance and reliability, for every client hosted on a shared server or for your handful on sites on one of our cloud servers.

Delivery of Dynamic Content at Blazing Speeds when Compared to the Rest

PHP LiteSpeed API is faster than PHP/FPM. Static files – 4X-6X faster than Apache. LSCache – 100X faster Game changer

Handle Tons of Concurrent Users

Event driven architecture same as nginx. No rapid drop off above 100-200 concurrent users.

Very serious about security, LiteSpeed provides site admins with the most powerful cutting-edge security features available, to keep client sites safe and secure.

Smarter and Faster Web Application Firewall

Compatible with Apache mod_security rules. Uses many fewer server resources.

Brute-Force Protection

Built-in brute-force protection at the server level, drops malicious connections once detected. It is much more efficient than any other plugin-level protection.

Advanced Anti-DDoS

Per-IP throttling at different levels: connection, request, and bandwidth.

External Applications suEXEC

Running as user for PHP/Ruby/CGI/FCGI/LSAPI etc.

Premium Hosting Experience for WordPress, Joomla and More

LiteSpeed offers caching plugins to speed up content delivery for many web apps. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Laravel to name a few and provides a bevy of features to benefit performance of your website.

Server Side Caching

Available with LiteSpeed Web Server, OpenLiteSpeed, Web ADC and

Edge Side Includes (ESI)

Cache public and private dynamic content on the same page with ESI

CDN Integration

Maximize site performance with purpose-built Quic.Cloud CDN or use your CDN of choice

Intelligent Caching

Keep cache accurate and up-to-date with tag-based Smart Purge or control directly within the plugin

Cache Crawler

Serve pre-cached content and minimize visitor wait time.

eCommerce Support

Cache shopping carts and other pages with private content

Learn more about what LiteSpeed can do for your site.


Hosting can be a complex hassle. Dump the stress and bring a little bit of simplicity back into your digital life.

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