How to Publish Your iWeb Site Using FTP

How to Publish Your iWeb Site Using FTP

If you anticipate making regular changes to your iWeb website, you may find it more convenient to setup iWeb with your hosting account FTP settings to connect and publish changes directly to your hosting account instead of publishing to a local folder and uploading your site files manually.

To upload your iWeb website using FTP, please following these instructions:

  1. In Apple iWeb, click on your “site” in the left column. This will open your “Site Publishing Settings”.
  2. Next to “Publish to:” select “FTP Server” from the drop-down.
  3. Next to “Server Address:” enter in your FTP server name. At, this will be Replace with your domain name.
  4. Next we need to get your hosting account FTP settings to enter in your “FTP Server Settings”. Login to your account. Click on “My Products & Services”, and then click on “View Details” next to the hosting account you want to use. Scroll down to “Login Details”. Copy your username listed here and paste it in the field next to “User Name:” in iWeb. Copy your password listed here and paste it into the field next to “Password:” in iWeb.
  5. In iWeb next to “Directory/Path”, enter in the path to where you need to publish your iWeb website. Unless you are publishing to a subfolder, this directory path will be /public_html
  6. If you’re publishing to a subdomain or directory, adjust the path/directory accordingly (i.e. /public_html/subfoldername /pubic_html/subdomaindirectory/ ).
  7. Leave the drop-down next to “Protocol:” set to “FTP and the “Port:” set to 21
    Click on “Test Connection”. If your settings have been entered in correctly, you should see a “Testing Succeeded!” message.If you see an error message, verify that you’ve enterend in the above fields correctly. If you see a pop-up asking you to verify your password, enter your password again and check the box next to “Remember this password in my keychain” and click “Connect”.
  8. Now you can enter in your url under the “Website URL” section.
  9. You can now publish your iWeb website by going to “File > Publish Entire Site”. If you’re just publishing changes to your site click on “File > Publish Site Changes”.

Note: Because iWeb was originally designed to publish sites to your mobileme account, publishing using FTP settings in iWeb in a standard hosting account will result in your site being published to a subdirectory like “mydomain” being a directory named after your site name setting in iWeb. If you would like to avoid this, you’ll need to publish your iWeb site by using the local folder settings.

Read more about publishing to a local folder in iWeb.

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