New Site Launch

It’s been said that if a company refreshes their website on regular basis, then perhaps one should be skeptical of what sort of work they’re really getting done for their customers. If they have time to update their site, what else are they really doing? If you’re busy making sure your existing customers have the best experience possible, how much time should you really have left to keep your website fresh? Probably not much.

Needless to say, that’s the boat that Simple Source has been in for quite some time. It’s been several years since we refreshed our site and a refresh was way overdue. Our old site no longer offered the performance it once did in terms of compliance with the latest standards nor was it up to snuff with how we would like to represent ourselves to the world. It was dated and it was simply time.

Today, we’re proud to launch our new face to the world at It’s a beautiful, modern, and fresh look. It’s designed to be minimalistic. We didn’t want too much on the screen overwhelming visitors’ eyes or too much information flooding their brains when they’re really just trying to find out about what we offer. Keeping on brand with our blue colors and delivering something to keep things simple for you to get your work done were top priority in this refresh and we’re quite proud of what has been accomplished. Did we say we’re proud of our new site? 🙂

Check it out when you get a moment.