New Website PreviewWe have been deep in the trenches working on our new website for some time now and are certainly excited to be this close the release. With the new website, you can expect a clean new interface, a simplified customer experience, and new plans and offerings.

When the new site is released, you’ll enjoy:

  • Awesome new client area – when logging in at the new site, you’ll be presented with a fresh, modern, and clean look to your client area based on twitter’s Boostrap CSS framework.
  • New Hosting Plan – a new web hosting plan we’re calling the Business Web Hosting Plan, which will offer you the same flexibility you’ve come to expect from our Simple Hosting Plan, but with higher starting Disk Space and Bandwidth and Unlimited other specs. Yep, no more tinkering with the number of email account, ftp accounts, mysql databases, and add-on domains–all offered for reasonable prices and with the option to get up to 40% off the plan when paying in advance (pricing tiers).
  • GlobalSign SSL Certificates – you will now be able to order SSL Certificates and configure them right from your account at We’re going to be offering certificates at prices you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere and even offering free installation of certificates (upon request) for you included in the price of the certificate you purchase.
  • Website Maintenance – we’ll be making it even easier for you to manage your web presence with our new website maintenance plans. We’ll keep your site patched with security updates and offer you super low hourly rates for any work you need completed.
  • Easy drop-down management and access to details for every service and domain you have with us.
  • A great new AJAX order form that displays and updates totals as products are added to your cart.
  • and more…

In anticipation of the site launch, we’ve already made available some new features in your customer account meant to make your lives even easier. When logging in, just some of the things you’ll notice:

  • New Ordering System – You can now set your default payment method for new orders you place. After logging in, go to My Details and make your selection.
  • Bulk Domain Management – support for changing name servers, auto renew status, register lock and WHOIS contact information across multiple domains at the same
  • Auto Assign Contact Info – WHOIS information can now be automatically changed to the values from your main profile or any contacts automatically

Keep an eye out for the new site launch in the coming weeks. We can’t wait!

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