New Hosting Plans

We’re changing things up by offering new and better hosting options, affording you plenty of features and speed to host your website. Our new plans deliver more than ever before.

New, simpler hosting plans

We’ve simplified our offerings with three new hosting plans

The new plans range from $10 per month to $40 per month. We offer discounts when paying yearly. The new plans offer a lot of value while still providing you with the flexibility to grow and upgrade as needed. They all come with many features as standard which you’ve come to expect quality-wise when you get simple.

No more Joomla, WordPress, Complete, hosting this that or the other. We of course still specialize in hosting WordPress and Joomla. But, our hosting stack can accommodate really anything you might want to host, reliably and with speed. 

Speedier hosting for your site

litespeed logo 2

We’re adding something to all of our plans that we’ve had in place for quite some time now for a few of our enhanced hosting plans. LiteSpeed Web Server is a drop-in replacement for Apache that reduces load on our servers, boosts your site speed, and delivers a ton of value in further speeding up your site through the caching plugins available that work hand-in-hand with LS Web Server. 

Seeing what LiteSpeed can do for your hosting experience has made us firm believers that we can’t really feel good about offering hosting without it. We can’t in good conscience not include it on all of our plans. Why settle for less than the best? It’s that good and makes Simple Source all the better.

Core Web Vitals 

It’s also increasingly important that your site loads as quickly as possible. If you’re even slightly plugged into how your site is performing, you may be aware of Google’s recent implementation of Core Web Vitals. This tends to penalize slow sites, while rewarding faster sites in search results.

It sounds somewhat unfair, but think about it. Search engines like Google are trying to return the best results for whatever you’re searching for. The same rationale is now being applied by Google to your experience when you visit a site. Visitors to slower sites are far more likely to “bounce” off of a slow loading site to find what they’re seeking elsewhere. 

If your site is poorly coded, it’s going to suffer some no matter where you host it. LiteSpeed isn’t going to magically fix that, but it can help. We’ve seen significant improvements even on some of the most bloated sites we host for customers. 

Overall, LiteSpeed can help your performance dramatically and will help give your content the opportunity to return higher in search results due your site now performing with better speed than your competitors. This all works together to mean more eyeballs where you want them enjoying what you want them to enjoy. 

Good news for existing customers

No, we’re not like other hosts. You’re not going to see price increases or be forced onto a new plan. We’re not going to stick it to you as a reward for being faithful customers because we legitimately value you and your business. You’re grandfathered in on your plan and can use it as long as you wish. The new plans are available to you if you’d prefer them or you can stay where you’re at on your legacy hosting plan. 

What’s even better though are the performance enhancements you’re going to see. All of our servers are being upgraded to include LiteSpeed as a standard feature. You’ll see better load times on your sites and you’ll gain access to the LiteSpeed cache plugins for WordPress, Joomla, and other web app-based sites to take full advantage of what LiteSpeed server can do for your site.

The old plans

For many years, really since we started offering hosting services direct to customers way back in 2009, we’ve offered hosting plans with highly configurable options.

The old Simple Hosting Plan, for example, came with a base set of account specs such as disk space, bandwidth, etc., and made plenty of room for you to grow by offering expandable disk space and other options to upgrade as needed. This made a lot of sense over the years for customers who understood the flexibility and value this offers to them for hosting their sites.

Old plans
(Some of our old, not so simple plans – look at all of those options!)

We’ve noticed, that sometimes, all of the options we have had available could become too unwieldily. Joomla hosting, WordPress hosting, Complete hosting, price per gig of disk space…figuring out what these things are, and what options are needed can all be too tedious. As a result, customers may find it all too much to have to deal with and click right off our site over to hosting plans from other providers.

This experience strikes against our core value of bringing simplicity to all that we do. What was once intended to offer the flexibility and simplicity has become an onerous roadblock for some customers. Needless to say, it was time for us to make a pivot.

The bottom line

We’re always looking for ways to improve. We believe our new plans help us offer better service to you, provide a better hosting experience, faster loading of your content to your visitors, and bring far more value to existing and potential customers in the days ahead. Enjoy!